Latest Projects

Using the DevOps practices to create and maintain most of the Projects, you can always see more information in the Readme.

a month ago


Youtube channel and content management, keep track of the content creation to publishing.

2 months ago


Merchandise selling and publishing management tool, allows to keep track, create content and publish to sellers the merchandise, allows to keep track of merch.

2 months ago


Meisterveda Knowledge-base. You can find code-snippets, technical documentation, cheat-sheets, templates and command references for tools and technologies.

2 months ago


Repository that contains meisterveda personal config files. For windows, linux and mac

2 months ago


Planner to keep track of tasks, ideas, and time management. Allows to create and link content to calendar and other apps, integrates to social media and messaging apps, Time tracking and Pomodoro Feature.

2 months ago


Farm and Ranch Management app, keeps track of animals, crops, inventory, land, equipment and buildings.

2 months ago


Disaster Preparedness and more.

2 months ago


Money and Budget Management app, to calculate, record, keep and follow income and expenses in a member group.

2 months ago


Project to have in one place all project and content, creation and maintenance. Based on Nx Monorepo

8 months ago


A portfolio of mine based on Astro and using Firebase to deploy it with GitHub Actions